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26 May
Spains Costa Blanca

Spains Costa Blanca

Spain's Costa Blanca offers many advantages, from the pleasant sunny climate and the associated health benefits to the outstanding natural beauty of many areas, to the lower cost of living and the far more relaxed lifestyle versus most EU countries, to the lower cost of property relative to the UK, and as a result the possibility of future income for those investing in Costa Blanca property, whether to sell it later, or the ideal prospect of using property on the Costa Blanca as a holiday home, while renting out to the Costa Blanca's ever growing tourist market when the property is not in use by the owners.

The Costa Blanca has been described as "environmentally near perfect" by the World Health Organisation, making the Costa Blanca one of the healthiest areas in the world. The relatively low humidity and 300+ days of sunshine a year on the Costa Blanca are ideal for those who suffer from illnesses that are affected climatically. Also, if you are loyal to the traditional Mediterranean diet, the health benefits of living here can be boosted further, and is also said to be one of the best in the world. The Property Shop have Costa Blanca properties for sale in most areas

The low cost of living is another benefit over northern European countries, and despite the tourist influence on the Costa Blanca, prices for commodities, and the average weekly shopping are still far lower than the UK, as is eating out and going for drinks. Combined with the relaxed environment, without the strict laws and rules of Britain, makes buying Costa Blanca property even more attractive; once you've got used to the 100% stress-free environment of the Costa Blanca, you won't want to leave!

The popularity of the Costa Blanca for tourists and the sustained growth of the Costa Blanca property market for buyers has led to a continuous increase in prices for both those wishing to buy property here and rentals (which can be very pricey in summer). Therefore, purchasing Costa Blanca property is an ideal choice as an investment, where you can either pick and choose your own holidays and inform rental agencies when you would like to rent your property out to some of the Costa Blanca's many tourists, or simply buy property here to sell it off at a later date. Given the current trends in the Costa Blanca property market, it would likely be a wise decision, given the continuous rapid increase in value (learn more about the Costa Blanca property market), as the benefits of purchasing property on the Costa Blanca become more and more well-known to residents of the UK and other European countries.



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